Başkonsolosun Mesajı

Esteemed citizens, Honorable Iranian friends, Dear Visitors of our website,

I have assumed my duties as the Consul General of the Republic of Turkey in Tabriz as of December 15th, 2021. I am pleased and honoured to undertake such an important duty and to serve our citizens.

I would like to state that our Consulate General is always ready to provide quick and efficient consular services to Turkish citizens and all applicants in the Consulate General’s area of responsibility comprising the provinces of East Azerbaijan, Ardabil, Zanjan and Gilan of the neighbor and brotherly country of Islamic Republic of Iran.

Contributing to the development of commercial, cultural and touristic relations between the two countries is among the priorities of our Consulate General. In this regard, like in the previous periods, we will continue to improve already-existing affinity among the citizens of both countries and to promote the efforts aimed at enhancing our mutual economic relations.

It is significant for us to get opinions and recommendations of our citizens. Our Consulate General is always ready to listen your valuable opinions.

You may follow our announcements and events on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The webpage of , official e-mail account of Consulate General and our emergency number are all at your disposal for consular services, inquires and urgent cases respectively.

I offer my respect and greetings on behalf of my colleagues and myself.

Çetin Taner

Consul General


Çetin Taner Consul General
Sunday - Thursday

09.00 - 17.00

1/1/2021 1/1/2021 National Holiday (New Year)
1/17/2021 1/17/2021
2/10/2021 2/10/2021
2/25/2021 2/25/2021
3/11/2021 3/11/2021
3/19/2021 3/19/2021
3/21/2021 3/24/2021
3/29/2021 3/29/2021
4/1/2021 4/1/2021
4/2/2021 4/2/2021
4/23/2021 4/23/2021 National Holiday (National Sovereignty and Children's Day)
5/1/2021 5/1/2021 National Holiday (Labor and Solidarity Day)
5/4/2021 5/4/2021
5/13/2021 5/15/2021 National Holiday (Aid-ul Fitr)
5/19/2021 5/19/2021 National Holiday (Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day)
6/4/2021 6/4/2021
6/5/2021 6/5/2021
6/6/2021 6/6/2021
7/15/2021 7/15/2021 National Day (Democracy and National Unity Day)
7/20/2021 7/23/2021 National Holiday (Aid-ul Adha)
7/29/2021 7/29/2021
8/18/2021 8/18/2021
8/19/2021 8/19/2021
8/30/2021 8/30/2021 National Holiday (Victory Day)
9/27/2021 9/27/2021
10/5/2021 10/5/2021
10/7/2021 10/7/2021
10/15/2021 10/15/2021
10/24/2021 10/24/2021
10/29/2021 10/29/2021 National Holiday (Republic Day)
10/5/2022 10/5/2022